AQUAPUR dustpan, dustpan and brush, rubber or soft bristles Equipment: dustpan, brush With rubberized or soft bristles

AQUAPUR® dustpan, dustpan and brush, rubber or soft bristles 1

Bristles / soft:
With soft bristles for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
Dustpan and brush with soft bristles
Comb installed on dustpan to easily clean the brush bristles of dirt
Bristles / rubberized:
With rubber bristles for cleaning carpets
Dustpan and brush with rubber bristles and rubber blade
With rubber blade on hand brush for removing liquids from surfaces
Comfortable handle with non-slip handle and hanging loop
Comb on dustpan
Bristles / soft: approx. W 31 x H 5 x D 23 cm
Bristles / rubberized: approx. W 32.5 x H 6.5 x D 17.5 cm
Bristles / soft: approx. 260 g
Bristles / rubberized: approx. 285 g

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