CRIVIT putting set / mat Golf Collection – stylish and sporty

CRIVIT® putting set / mat 1

Golf Collection – stylish and sporty
Putting mat:
For putt training at home and in the office
Specially designed surface shows the path of the ball – easy to wipe away
Raised target with obstacles and automatic ball return
Including pull-out puller – blurs the course of the ball and adjusts the speed
The bottom line: fast play
Against the grain: slow game
For putt training at home or on the go
Set of 4-piece putter, metal putting hole, automatic putting hole with recoil function and golf ball
Automatic ball recoil thanks to spring mechanism for continuous training
Includes carrying case for easy transportation
Batteries not included (2x 1.5 volt LR6, AA)
4 parts
Putting mat:
Mat: polyester, polystyrene (PS)
Puller: aluminum, polypropylene (PP), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)
Bag: polyurethane (PU) leather, polyester
Putter: aluminum
Golf hole: aluminum
Rebound system: acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene (ABS), polyester
Golf ball: Polybutadiene, Surlyn
Putting mat:
W 33 x L 240 cm
Puller: approx. W 35 x L 120 cm
Bag: approx. W 32.5 x H 17.5 x D 9.6 cm
Putter (assembled): approx. L 88.5 cm
Golf hole: approx. W 15 x H 1.2 x D 10.9 cm
Golf ball: approx. Ø 4.3 cm
Rebound system: approx. W 16.6 x H 6.5 x D 26.9 cm
Putting mat:
Mat: approx.1.374 kg
Puller: approx. 220 g
Bag including contents: approx.1.263 kg
Bag without content: approx. 347 g
Putter: approx. 326 g
Golf hole: approx. 191 g
Golf ball: approx. 47 g
Rebound system: approx. 353 g

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