LEIFHEIT “Profi micro duo” floor wiper, with an angled handle, for stubborn dirt
The ideal floor wiper for large areas

No more back pain when cleaning and unsightly streaks.
The Leifheit Profi micro duo removes even stubborn dirt with its special 2-fiber mop cover and can be conveniently operated by foot. This is what the ideal floor mop looks like for large areas, such as kitchens or offices.
The 2-fiber mop cover consists of the proven Leifheit microfiber duo.
The ingenious, all-round movable 360 ​​° swivel joint enables effective cleaning in serpentine lines and cleverly circles table and cabinet legs.
Thanks to the completely angled handle, hard-to-reach areas under cupboards and beds are easy to reach.
The floor wiper can be operated comfortably while standing:
Simply release the mop cover with a click of the foot, press it out in the separately available Leifheit Professional Mopping Cloth Press, clamp the cover back in, done.

75% polyester
25% polyamide
approx W 6 x H 166 x D 16.5 cm
approx. 1.07 kg
Delivery to the curb.

LEIFHEIT floor wiper combination set
Capacity: approx. 12 l
Special feature: Can be combined with the LEIFHEIT click system
Consists of bucket 12 L, floor wiper 33 cm, Stathlstiel 140 cm, Micro Duo mop cover

LEIFHEIT floor wiper combination set
Absorbent microfiber mop
Micro Duo: Perfect dirt absorption thanks to the 2-fiber system
Material composition: 78% polyester, 22% nylon
12-liter bucket Combi
Can be combined with the LEIFHEIT click system
scope of delivery

Bucket 12 L
Floor squeegee 33 cm
Steel handle 140 cm
Micro duo wiping cover

LEIFHEIT cleaning aid
Telescopic handle / feather duster / window puller / tile and bathtub wiper / all-round broom

LEIFHEIT cleaning aid
Telescopic handle: One handle for many different cleaning devices: The Easy-Click function of the Leifheit telescopic handle enables the functional handle to snap into place automatically. Simply change the cleaning head, click into place, done. The handle can be extended to between 80 and 135 cm, making it the ideal length for cleaning floors, for example. With anti-slip head and 360 ° rotatable hanging hole.

Feather duster: Dust-free in a few seconds: Child’s play for the Duster XL feather duster, because it picks up even the finest dust with ease. The super-dense microfibers bind the dust and prevent dust particles from only being whirled up and settling again elsewhere. Its cuddly soft fibers slide into every crack and into every unevenness. They remove dust from indoor plants just as reliably as bookshelves and blinds. The Duster XL also glides gently and gently over highly sensitive surfaces such as computer and television screens. The Duster XL has an extra long cleaning surface of 38 cm, which is ideal for cleaning large and smooth surfaces such as table tops or screens. The handle enables the use of a Leifheit Click-System handle with telescopic function, when used, the Duster XL extends into distant room corners. With hanging option for practical storage. To clean, rinse the feather duster well with soap under running water. No fabric softener should be used here.

Window squeegee: Like a professional window squeegee, the Window Slider M squeegee allows you to pull the windows in serpentine lines. This is ensured by a joint directly on the wiper, which can be locked if necessary. With its wiping width of 28 cm, the Window Slider M is ideal for large windows or balcony doors.

Tile and bathtub squeegees: The Bath Cleaner has everything that makes cleaning the bathroom and shower easier: A cover made from the tried and tested Leifheit microfibre duo. A round recess in the wiping surface to be able to wipe skillfully around fittings. A 360 ° swivel joint for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and a pull-off lip. The wiping width is 20 cm.

All-round broom: Now swept faster and more thoroughly, thanks to the innovative X-bristles! The high-quality bristle mix of the Xtra Clean all-round broom is perfectly coordinated for cleaning tile, stone and PVC floors. The bristles arranged in an X-shape take all the dirt with them – nothing slips through anymore. Their slotted ends enlarge the surface area and collect hair and fine dust right into the joints. Another plus is the inclined handle connection. It makes sweeping even more efficient and ensures sweeping over the entire surface. With 30 cm sweeping surface. Compatible with all Leifheit Click-System handles.

Telescopic handle:
Extendable telescopic handle with click system
Allows the use of various Leifheit cleaning devices
Infinitely extendable to a length of 80 to 135 cm
With anti-slip head and 360 ° rotatable hanging hole
Feather duster:
Super-dense microfibers attract and hold the dust
Soft fibers adapt to any surface
XL cleaning length of 38 cm for easy cleaning of higher areas
Can be combined with all Leifheit Click-System handles thanks to the click connection for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
Window puller:
With a movable joint for pulling in serpentine lines
Can be combined with all Leifheit Click-System handles for cleaning high areas thanks to the click connection
Wiping width 28 cm
Tile and bathtub wipers:
With pull-off lip and round recess for fittings
360 ° swivel joint for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
Wiping width: 20 cm
All-round broom:
Innovative X-bristles for faster, more thorough sweeping
Plastic fiber bristles
Inclined handle connection for sweeping across the entire surface
Broom area 30 cm
Compatible with all Leifheit Click-System handles
Telescopic handle: approx. 4.5 x 3.6 x 79.5 cm
Feather duster: approx. 59 x 13.5 x 9 cm
Window puller: approx. 27 x 8.8 x 12 cm
Tile and bathtub squeegees: approx. 19.5 x 4.5 x 30.5 cm
All-round broom: approx. 33 x 9.5 x 15.5 cm
Telescopic handle: approx. 0.46 kg
Feather duster: approx. 0.26 kg
Window puller: approx. 0.115 kg
Tile and bathtub wipers: approx. 0.19 kg
All-round broom: approx. 0.3 kg

LEIFHEIT pizza stone incl. Stand and accessories
Round diameter: approx. 33 cm
, square dimensions: 38 x 33 cm

LEIFHEIT pizza stone incl. Pizza pusher
Crispy base like in a stone oven? The angular oven stone with wooden slider from Leifheit makes it possible. Because whoever buys this can conjure up particularly crispy tarte flambée, pizza or baguette with the baking stone. The model made of ceramic material is 33 cm by 38 cm by 1 cm and can absorb heat optimally. This is then applied evenly to the baked goods. In addition, the angular oven stone is moisture-absorbing – for a particularly crispy result. In addition to the oven stone from Leifheit, the scope of delivery also includes a wooden pusher for picking up, transporting and storing.

Ceramic oven stone in angular with the dimensions 33 cm x 38 cm x 1 cm
Ideal for baking pizza, onion tarts or baguettes just like in a stone oven
Absorbs great heat optimally and releases it again evenly
Moisture-absorbing model for the preparation of particularly crispy bases
With wooden slider for safe picking up, transporting and storing


Dimensions 38 x 33 cm
Absorbs heat and releases it again evenly
Including wooden slider
Ideal for tarte flambée

LEIFHEIT pizza stone incl. Chopping knife
Regardless of whether it is tarte flambée, pizza or bread – so that they are really crispy like in a stone oven, Leifheit offers a round pizza stone with a chopping knife. The ceramic brick has a diameter of 33 cm and thanks to its material absorbs great heat. It then evenly transfers this to the baked goods – for an ideally crispy result. It is also moisture-absorbing so that the pizza base turns out particularly well. The delivery of the pizza stone for the oven also includes a sharp chopping knife with which the pizza can be cut in seconds – without the annoyance of slipping.

Ceramic, round pizza stone for the oven with a diameter of 33 cm
Bakes pizza, onion tarts, baguettes and more like out of a stone oven
Absorbs the heat optimally and releases it again evenly
Moisture-absorbing material for particularly crispy floors
With a chopping knife for dividing in seconds – without any annoying slipping

Diameter 33 cm
Absorbs heat and releases it again evenly
Including chopping knife

LEIFHEIT wall dryer Telegant 81 Protect Plus
With 8 drying sticks each 90 cm

The indispensable drying place for the bathroom.
When closed, the Telegant 81 protect plus from Leifheit is a shapely and elegant towel holder with a chrome-plated towel rail.
When open, it offers eight drying bars, each 90 cm, and thus space for almost an entire washing machine load.
After the simple assembly, it impresses with its high load-bearing capacity and the permanently rust-protected drying bars.
Dry length: 8.1 m
approx. W 103 x BT 53 cm
approx. 2.5 kg
Scope of delivery:
Wall dryer Telegant 81 Protect plus with towel rail
Fastening material

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoPop Up 140
Drying length 13 m,
dimensions H 111 x W 116 x D 83 cm,
height of the outermost line 94 cm
The handy and light LinoPop-Up 140 is not only suitable for drying clothes at home or in the garden, it is also the perfect companion for your next camping holiday

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoPop Up 140

With convenient one-hand operation for quick and easy opening
Compact rotary clothes dryer can be stowed away to save space
13 m line length is sufficient for more than one washing machine load
With sturdy leash arms and a wide footprint for a secure stand
Outermost line is 95 cm high and is ideal for long items of laundry
The sloping arrangement of the lines makes it easier to hang up the laundry
Particularly easy to transport at only 3.2 kilograms
Including protective cover that keeps the lines clean and facilitates transport
Including protective cover for easy transport and clean lines at all times
With a weight of only 3.6 kg easy to transport and set up

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoProtect 400
Drying length 40 m
washing machine loads 4
The first rotary clothes dryer with a roof

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoProtect 400

Drying clothes in the fresh air for fresh, well-smelling laundry
Laundry umbrella with integrated, waterproof roof for drying regardless of the weather. The roof protects against rain, bleaching UV rays (sun protection factor 80) as well as dust and dirt
When closed, the roof protects the lines, which ensures that the lines do not cause any annoying dirt stains
Extends the outdoor drying season from spring to autumn for freshly smelling laundry
Stable construction and patented lift-off protection for up to wind force 5 ensure a safe stand even in a fresh wind
Easy to close by unlocking the standpipe
Additional drying area for gentle drying of blouses and shirts thanks to 8 hooks for clothes hangers on the end caps of the support arm
Space for 4 washing machine loads on the 40 meter line length
Set in concrete immediately after purchase and use with the supplied ground sleeve

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella Linomatic 500 deluxe cover
Drying length 50 m
washing machine loads 5
The Linomatic Deluxe 500 is the best rotary clothes dryer for drying up to five washing machine loads in the garden

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella Linomatic 500 deluxe cover

Automatic line retraction in the support arms protects against moisture and dirt
Easy-Lift-System for easy opening without much effort
Automatic retraction of the elevator rope protects against damage
Easy-Close-Comfort enables easy closing without bending down
With eight hooks for clothes hangers to dry delicate items such as blouses or shirts
Line length of 50 m is sufficient for five washing machine loads
With protective cover made of durable material as all-round protection
Including ground sleeve for setting in concrete
Made in Germany

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoLift 600 QuickStart

Line length : approx. 60 m line height adjustable
Space for six washing machine loads and ready to use

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoLift 600 QuickStart, 60 m line length
Space for six washing machine loads and ready for immediate use: the LinoLift 600 Quick Start laundry umbrella from Leifheit with its 60 m line length offers plenty of drying space. Simply screw the ground plugs into the lawn and off you go. The clothes umbrella can be opened quickly and easily using the pull rope. Depending on the desired working height, the line height can be varied between 0.85 and 1.80 meters. Twelve hooks at the end of the four support arms allow shirts, blouses and T-shirts to be dried in a windproof manner on hangers. Including protective cover for reliable all-round protection of the umbrella.


Line length 60m
Floor dowels
Line height adjustable between 0.85 and 1.80 m
Including all-round protection

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoLift 600
Line length 60 m
washing machine fillings approx. 6
The perfect umbrella for your first own garden

LEIFHEIT laundry umbrella LinoLift 600, line length 60 m
The perfect umbrella for your first own garden. With its 60 m line length, the LinoLift 600 from Leifheit offers space for up to six washing machine loads. In addition, it convinces with a lot of drying convenience: the clothes parachute can be opened quickly and easily using a pull rope. Depending on the desired working height, the line height can be varied individually between 0.85 and 1.80 meters. Twelve hooks at the end of the four support arms allow shirts, blouses and T-shirts to be dried in a windproof manner on hangers. Including protective cover that protects the tear-proof and UV-resistant linen from dirt and moisture.


Line length 60 m
Washing machine loads approx. 6
Adjustable line height
Incl. Protective cover
UV-resistant linen